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This piece was designed by Ted Lowe in celebration of his Cherokee heritage. Within the medicine wheel are the seven sacred Cherokee colors that represent the seven sacred Cherokee directions: North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and "Here in the Center."
North - Blue (defeat; sadness; trouble)
South - White (peace; serenity; happiness; purity)
East - Red (success; power; triumph; healing)
West - Black (death; doorway to the spirit world)
The Upper World - Yellow (peace & order)
The Lower World - Brown (chaos & Turmoil) Here in the Center - Green (Where "you" are now) The pendant and holder are made of brass. The pendant is 38-mm in size (the size as an old U.S. Silver Dollar). I assembled this piece, but the pendant is not Native American made.

Cherokee Medicine Pendent

SKU: 217537123517253
Color: Black
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