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Welcome to my website. My name is Robert Warnell, and I have just taken over Cherokee Jewelry (2017) from my father, who, for over 24 years created handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. Silver to me is the most beautiful of the metals offered up by Mother Earth. When properly crafted, it transforms into small pieces of art that tell the wondrous Native American story.

Cherokee Jewelry is exclusively a one-man operation. I do the handcrafting  or assembly of my jewelry, as well as ordering supplies and filling orders. Handcrafted pieces of truly beautiful American Indian Jewelry are made daily. A large Cherokee customer base prizes my many custom-made pieces. However, I have customers from all over the world, from various nationalities,  that have been pleased with the high quality  work offered --  at a reasonable price.

The Federal Government's source directory for Native American Indian artists has listed Cherokee Jewelry for many years, and in 2006 issued a letter of recognition from the Native American Arts and Crafts board for Cherokee Jewelry's  strict adherence of Federal Laws governing the making and selling of Native American jewelry ("assembled" pieces are not handmade wholly by Native Americans).

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